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The Macedonia Theological Seminary, Inc. was founded by Dr. James A. Gordon PhD. Overseer` of Macedonia Cathedral Church of God in St Albans New York. In the beginning the Seminary offered a 60 hour course "certificate of completion in Biblical studies" to its first six graduates and has since been certified and authorize by the New York State Board of Education. Macedonia Theological Seminary is also associated with the American Association of Christian Therapists and Joint Commission on Chaplain Accreditation and Education (JCCAE). Read More



Undergraduate Studies Degree Requirements School of Ministerial Studies Students are required to complete the minimum number of courses in.....View More




Academic Departments: President's Office- extension 101 Admissions Office- extension 105 Registrar's Of.....View More



REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSIONS *The teaching in Our Bible College reflects our faith in the Word of God.  His word exhorts us to love.....View More



It is the purpose of Macedonia Theological Seminary  to contribute to the development of our students in the  areas of Christian cha.....View More

                Seeding the harvest with qualified laborers!


Online & Distance Learning


Macedonia Theological Seminary is committed to equipping men and women to serve in whatever capacity God has called them. Whether they are near or far, we believe in providing them with the tools needed to succeed....View More




Here at Macedonia we try to connect our students with tools that will help them reach their desired goals. We have an extensive list of books and other materials that will provide our students with a rounded knowledge base for their areas of study....View More

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