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Faculty & Staff


We the members of the faculty of the Macedonia theological Seminary, we deem it a great honor to be working with men and women of God for the Kingdom.

We endeavor to formulate principles for the foundation of Christian growth, enhancing the gifts and talents of God’s people.


Statement of Mission and Purpose

The mission of Macedonia Theological Seminary is to support the local church by providing scriptural knowledge and practical training to better equip dedicated Christians to serve God and minister to the spiritual needs of others.


It is the purpose of Macedonia Theological Seminary to:


1. Provide a systematic and practical Bible education for any believer.

2. Help prepare believers for ministries through the local church.  Areas of concentration includes, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies, Evangelism and Missions, Christian Education and Christian Counseling.

3. Encourage and revitalize those currently in the ministry through an invigorating exposure to God’s Word.

4. Make a quality, Biblical education affordable and user friendly for every off campus student.

5. Grant degrees of recognition for achievement in various levels of Bible education.


Founder: Dr. James A. Gordon, PhD

President: Dr. Jean Romulus PhD DCCP, CPE

Director: Dr. Michael Clarke D.Th

Academic Dean:  Bishop Joseph Simpson M.Th    

Executive Secretary: Dawn Baxter B.Th. M.Th.

Secretary: Minister Sherry Mannet-Gill. MTh. DTh    

Student Dean:  Dr. Sherry Mannet-Gill. MTh. DTh 



Pastor Sharon Deans

Dr. Sherry Mannet-Gill

Dr. Ian Samuels


Philosophy of Education

It is the purpose of Macedonia Theological /seminary to contribute to the development of our students in the areas of Christian character, academic skills, subject mastery, Biblical understanding and practical.  We believe that Christian character and practical wisdom are best achieved through a cooperative effort with the local church.  Academic skills and subject mastery are accomplished through clear explanation and responsive repetition, such as that is found in our workbooks.  There is no beneficial understanding apart from Biblical understanding (Eph. 4:17-24).  All of our curriculum is written from a Biblical viewpoint.


The Faculty and Staff.

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