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*The teaching in Our Bible College reflects our faith in the Word of God.  His word exhorts us to love the Lord Jesus Christ, and to live holy lives.  Students are required to have a testimony both in the Word and in deed.  This testimony should express these tow aspects in their manner of living.

* There are required courses to be taken in order to complete our program.  Upon completion of these courses, the student receives a Certification/Degree of completion.  An Ordination and Licenses in Evangelism and Christian Worker will also be issued.  A licenses and ordination is predicated upon the student’s conduct, calling, academic achievement, zeal and other factors.  These factors will be determined by the President, Instructor and the Review Board.

* Students enrolled in our Degree program are required to fulfill the number of required courses in order to receive their degree at completion.  
There will be a graduation fee of $100.00 dollars.

*All alife-acredita documentation such as verification of ministry, service, etc. must be notarized. All certificates of completed courses, ordination certificate, seminar completion certificate etc. must be submitted to Macedonia Theological Seminary office for credits.

* All transcripts from previous Bible Colleges and Learning Institution should be sent to Macedonia Theological Seminary.

* All application should be properly completed in its entirety and submitted in a timely manner. All information contain therein should be true to the best of the applicant’s ability.  Each application must be submitted with the non-refundable registration fee $50.  Macedonia Theological Seminary reserves the right to reject any application for reasons it may deem sufficient.



  1. To ensure the believer to become aware of the Theological teaching of the Bible, with the understanding, attitudes, and skills necessary for thinking theologically, and living Godly.

  2. To develop and implement teaching/learning methods of education in the Christian faith and for Christian missions.

  3. To cultivate skills of communicating the Scriptures expositional through preaching and teaching.

  4. To cultivate skills in leadership, counseling, church education and administration.

  5. To produce proficient Bible scholars who through the help of the Holy Spirit will bring fresh insights from the Word of God

Admission Policies & Procedures

All students must be Bible-believing Christians who have demonstrated a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Undergraduate candidates must have a high school diploma or GED. Applicants into a Master’s program are required to have a four-year Bachelor degree or equivalent with a GPA of 2.5 or better. Doctoral candidates must have a M. A. or equivalent with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Transfer Students
Evaluation of transfer credits will be made from official transcripts after the student has been accepted for admission. Students from schools of higher learning will receive full credit for equivalent courses in which he/she made “C” or better, if the content of the courses meet requirements for the student’s program. The maximum number of transfer credits for each degree program is as follows: Bachelor - 90 credits, Master - 15 credits, D.Min. - 18 credits

Equivalency Exam
Students with vocational Christian experience are invited to take the Macedonia Theological Seminary Equivalency Exam. This test offers credit based upon knowledge gained through years of Bible study and academic learning. A maximum of one-fourth of a student’s Bachelor degree requirements may be earned in this manner. There is no charge for credits awarded as a result of the Equivalency Exam, except for the initial $85 testing fee. (EE credit is only available to Bachelor students.)

Life Experience and Ministry Evaluation (LEME)
A portfolio may be submitted to determine if any credit may be awarded for experience relating to a specific degree. Bachelor degree students interested in this opportunity should complete the Life Experience and Ministry Evaluation form. There is a $40 charge for evaluating the portfolio, plus a fee of $5 for each credit hour awarded in this manner. The form for the evaluation is provided free of charge. (LEME credit is only available to Bachelor students.)

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